Malleable Iron Press Fittings for Steel Pipe

FASTLOCK™ fittings provide the quickest and easiest way to connect schedule 10 through schedule 40 black and galvanized ASTM A53 steel pipe. The FASTLOCK™ system utilizes press technology and malleable cast iron press fittings to provide a secure and efficient connection. Applications include water, HVAC, and compressed air systems.

FASTLOCK™ fittings are available in 1/2" through 2" and feature a malleable cast iron body with a corrosion-resistant coating. The fitting contains a wide EPDM gasket and a 316 stainless steel gripping ring to provide a secure, air and water tight seal after connecting. The gasket and ring are pre-assembled into the fitting.

Features and Benefits Include:

FASTLOCK™ fittings are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Before leaving the factory, every FASTLOCK™ fitting is subjected to a series of three quality control tests to ensure that it is able to perform in the field and free of defects. Learn more...

NOTE: FASTLOCK™ fittings are currently not approved for use with gas or fire protection applications.